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The holiday season is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with our festive Advent Yarn Kits!


Choose Your Size and Color Palette

This year, we're offering two fantastic options for you to indulge your knitting or crochet cravings. Our advent yarn kits come in two sizes:


25 Mini Skeins $260: Perfect for a touch of holiday magic in smaller projects.


Luxurious La Jolla Yarn Base

Both kits feature our high-quality La Jolla yarn base, ensuring your projects will be soft, durable, and absolutely stunning. Each mini skein boasts 80 yards of pure yarny goodness!


Bright or Moody? The Choice is Yours!

Whether you prefer the cheerful glow of bright colors or the cozy allure of moody shades, we've got you covered. Pick the color palette that speaks to your holiday spirit.

Baah Advent Yarn Kit

Color Options
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